Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education and Care Center is located in Huntington, New York. We are an intentionally inclusive center that uses the High Scope Curriculum to train young minds to be inquisitive and participate in their own learning. We know that it can be a challenge to keep your kids entertained and engaged in learning during the summertime. Luckily, this year, the XXXI Olympics is being held, and this will provide many opportunities to spur learning for everyone, young and old.

DiscoverBrazildiscoverbrazilsideimgblogIn this blog series, we will present some learning activities for you and your children. We will include some variations for older children as well so that you can get the whole family in on the fun. With these activities, you are not just keeping your child occupied, you are getting them invested and interested in the Olympics, which they can enjoy throughout their entire lives. They will always remember the fun activities your family did to celebrate them, and it could be a wonderful family tradition!

Discover Brazil!!

  • You don’t have to get on a plane to South America to discover Brazil! You can take the whole family there with a themed evening. Hit a party store, and get some tropical leaves and parrot decorations to start the ball rolling. Having a fun setting to learn is a great way to get everyone excited.
  • Take an inventory. What does your family know about Brazil? If you come up blank, start asking questions. Does anyone know where Brazil is? What language they speak? What the topography is? What famous river runs through Brazil? What do you know about rainforests and the indigenous people? What animals live there?
  • Once you’ve established what you do and do not know, start learning! Find Brazil on a map, listen to some Brazilian music, cook some Brazilian food!
  • To get the smallest children involved, there is no harm in putting on a movie that is set in Brazil. Disney’s Rio is a fun place to start. After the movie, you can ask your child the same questions about Brazil to see what they learned.

Check back for our next blog for fun ideas of crafts and activities to keep discovering Brazil.