Have you ever found yourself asking is there a day care near me? Rainbow Chimes offers high-quality  early childhood education that is located in Huntington (Suffolk County, Long Island, N. Y.) with easy access to the LIRR, the LIE, Rt. 25 and Northern State Parkway.

High Scope Curriculum

We use the High Scope Curriculum that has had decades of success and is proven to result in high achievement in a vast majority of it’s participants.  High Scopes emphasized the role of the individual in their own educational journey:  as an active participant in their learning. This means we facilitate children learning about what they are passionate about and guide them to think plan, engage and analyze what they are learning.

Social Skills

One aspect of the High Scopes curriculum focuses on a child’s social and emotional development. It is so important for children to have a good sense of self. This doesn’t mean an empty high level of self-esteem. It means self-esteem built on actual competency.

Feelings and Friends

Teaching children social skills, how to interact with other children to make friends and how to regulate their feelings is a full-time job. It has to be taught in the moment. When occasions arise where conflict happens, it’s a chance to teach conflict management. When they make a friend, it’s time to say, you can make friends, you are a nice person. We seize chances every day to teach children to have empathy, to participate in cooperative play and to take part in the classroom community. A sense of self and belonging go a long way to making a person feel confident and able to manage feelings.
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