It’s great for two full-time working parents.

I have my second child, a daughter, in Rainbow Chimes who is 3-1/2 years old. She started going there when she was about 5 months old. They’re going over letters and numbers and things, and she’s really good at recognizing both upper and lowercase. It’s great for two full-time working parents. The hours are very long, that’s very convenient for people that work or people that commute on the train to go into the city. The learning environment was important, but it was really more the overall environment of the cleanliness, the people there, how they’re all very friendly and approachable, and that the kids were really having a good time. What I love the most is that the meals are included. It’s one less thing for me to worry about. Everything’s made on-premises and my children are getting exposed to more food than they would at home. My daughter loves the macaroni and cheese. That is her thing. The teachers in her classroom were so patient with the whole potty training process and so open to hearing from us on how we wanted to manage it. They have an emotional bond with the children, they’re so patient with all of them. My daughter loves to go up and give them hugs when she leaves. She has a lot of fun there. When we go to pick up my daughter and my son comes with me, he’ll recognize people. “Hey, Mr. Martin!” They remember him, too. We chose Rainbow Chimes because it’s a fair price, a convenient location, great rooms, great staff. It’s a good value for the money with meals included and flexible hours for holiday care.
Grace Ingram