Often, working parents become concerned when their school-aged children are home for a day, or week, or even the whole summer. This can impact their ability to go to work, or to work without the stress of worrying whether their active kindergartener to 4th-grader is all right.

Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education & Care Center offers a full-day schedule for school-aged children on a holiday from school. The children have a wonderful time spending their day outside on our three-acre campus, creating with arts and crafts, dramatizing shows and skits, cooking multicultural feasts, and taking trips all over Long Island. The children take part in the planning of their activities, so you’ll always know they’re having fun.

If your organization would like to offer school holiday and vacation care benefits to its employees, please call us at 631-296-1986.


“At home I do see her engaging, like using things in a more creative way. We’re always getting feedback about how the day was and how her mood was, how she interacted with the other kids. They do pay attention to what they’re doing.” – Pooja Tandon