RCI’s College Scholarship Funds
Any high school senior who is a former student or graduate of Rainbow Chimes, or whose parent is employed with Rainbow Chimes, may apply for our $1,000.00 college scholarship. Applications are available at the Program Service Office and must be returned by August 30th. Awards will be based on merit and other specific judging criteria.

Sibling Discounts
Rainbow Chimes offers 5% off the older child’s fee when siblings are enrolled.

Prepayment Discounts
3% – 12% tuition discounts may be taken for a corresponding three to twelve months’ prepayment.

Employer Vouchers & Discounts
Rainbow Chimes has agreements with several local employers and non-profit agencies to provide child care services at a discount to their employees. Generally, the employer makes up the difference in a tax-deductible subsidy directly to the Center. Speak to your employer about setting up an appointment with an RCI Director to learn how you may both benefit financially from this option.

RCI Employee Discount
Staff members enjoy a substantial reduction in child care fees at the Huntington site, in addition to the application of their tax-advantaged deductions or credits to this cost.

Low-Income Earner Tuition Subsidies
Parents who qualify as low-income earners may be eligible, on a sliding-fee scale, for government-funded tuition subsidies. If you think you might qualify, let us know, and we will be happy to assist you.

Bartered Services
Rainbow Chimes is a proud member of National Commerce Exchange (NCE) Barter Network. Up to 100% of your child care tuition may be paid through this barter exchange once you enroll your own business or service in this network. In addition, parents may occasionally provide a service that our school needs, which might be directly bartered for part of their child care costs. For example, a landscaper may offer a reduced cost for grounds-keeping and planting at our early childhood education and day care center. We accept barter as tuition payment, per IRS rules, and the landscaper gets a big tax break.

Enrollment Referral Reward
From time to time, Rainbow Chimes offers enrolled parents tuition credit for referring a new family to our center. The bonus amount varies depending on the particular reward program, but the new family must be enrolled for a minimum of six months for the rebate to apply. You may receive reward credits for up to a year’s tuition for one of your own children.


“They’re very good in terms of value and comparativeness. They really are worth it. Their hours are also very accommodating. Each kid feels special. You know that your child is being cared for in all aspects.” – Patricia Foley