At Rainbow Chimes, we communicate with parents in a multitude of different ways, including:

At Enrollment. Parents are given an initial tour and orientation session, as well as our Program Handbook and Curriculum Booklet. Feel free to explore this website as often as you wish to become familiar with our program philosophies and activities of our early childhood education program.

In the Front Hallway. Check for special information on our white announcement board and ongoing information, such as the Monthly Menu and Calendar, on the Parent Bulletin Board.

Face-to-Face Communications. We are available every day to discuss with you your child’s daily activities, health, and interactions. You may speak with your child’s Teaching Team, Supervisor, Director, Nurse, or Support Staff via telephone, or at drop-off and pick-up times. If there is a concern that needs discussion, let us know right away. If necessary, we will schedule a meeting at a mutually convenient time to address any concerns you might have.

  • Be sure to check these on a daily basis: classroom bulletin boards; individual cubbies for things to go home; and folders or mailboxes for notices, letters, and invitations to events, etc.

Email Messages. Sometimes, we may also communicate with parents via E-Mail. Should you wish to get a message to us, please send it to:

Meetings & Workshops. Parents are encouraged to attend various meetings in the course of the year. The format of these meetings may be an informational seminar covering pertinent or timely topics; it may also be a one-on-one review of development or a concern that is being encountered with your child.

  • All parents must attend an Annual Kick-Off Meeting in late September, to be apprised of the Center’s focus and goals for the coming school year. We will also inform you of NYS regulations, RCI policies, Emergency Preparation, and various parental obligations.

We also schedule formal semi-annual conferences with parents to appraise our performance and your child’s progress, usually in the spring and late fall of each year. In preparation for these Parent-Teacher Conferences, the Teaching Team puts in many hours to compile anecdotal records, assemble portfolios, and assess every child’s development. Parents are requested to honor the Teaching Team’s efforts by attending their children’s conferences.

Annual Survey. We also ask parents to participate in our annual confidential survey to determine general satisfaction levels and to elicit comments about our performance.

Center-wide Family Visiting Days. We offer special Visiting Days every month so you can share a planned activity with your child (often related to the monthly curriculum focus):

January – Winter Wonderland
February – Valentine’s Day Breakfast
March – Pet Show
April – Spring Fling
May – Mother’s Day Breakfast/Tea
June – Father’s Day Breakfast/Tea
July – Beach Party
August – Carnival
September – Welcome Night
October – Harvest Festival
November – Share Feast
December – Holiday Party

Special Center Events. Rainbow Chimes sponsors events that invite the participation of the entire family. In the past, we have hosted Family Picnics, Multicultural Buffet Dinners, Open Houses, Summer Barbecues, Carnivals, and more. Please come!

Parent REPs. Rainbow Chimes organizes a system whereby Parent Representatives volunteer to act as a liaison between the participants of the Center and RCI management. This system permits anonymity, encourages communication, and minimizes problems. Family Rep phone numbers are posted to encourage other parents to feel comfortable making contact.

Family Advisors. We also maintain a Family Advisory Council, generally comprised of Family Reps, to provide a forum for the formal discussion and review of any curriculum, policy, and social issues that may be pertinent to the Center and its participants.

Newsletter. We periodically publish our newsletter, The Rainbow Times, to keep parents and community members informed of our activities.

Community Interaction. Rainbow Chimes encourages interaction between our agency and the community we serve. By sponsoring support groups, conferences, seminars, and community events, we offer our services and expertise to anyone requiring it. An information and referral network with local community service agencies contributes to program enhancements and provides services directly to children and their families.

“Before he wasn’t in a daycare that really followed through or anything. It was more of a place that he was just there. At Rainbow Chimes I noticed that his behavior changed. And I noticed that at Rainbow Chimes it’s more structured. He knows it’s time to play, it’s time to eat, it’s time to study, it’s time to read. He already got that down there and I know that that’s a lot to do with the curriculum that they have in school.” – Suelem Artzt