Everything Your 18- to 36-Month-Old Toddler Needs for Safe, Fun, Nurturing Care

  • Are you looking for a day care where your toddler will be cared for with compassion and skill?
  • Is it important to you that your child’s teachers be qualified professionals?
  • Have you wondered if there’s any local child care program that offers more than just babysitting?

If so, congratulations! You have come to the right place. Rainbow Chimes was started more than 25 years ago when our founding director, Katie Roche, got frustrated with the options that were available in the Huntington community, so she resolved to start a program that would truly offer the high-quality child care that parents want for their children. We believe you’ll see the difference when you tour our facility. A hand-selected team of professionally-trained and degreed staff, an age-appropriate environment, and a High Scope Curriculum all contribute to making every day at day care enjoyable and exciting for your developing toddler.

Our Staff

Caring, committed individuals who want your toddler’s day to be amazing

Our teaching team consists of experienced and energetic early childhood development professionals. We develop and carry out daily routines intended to promote your toddler’s physical and cognitive abilities. This happens in a safe environment filled with sensory and motor activities, where your child will be encouraged to have positive social interaction with others. Our teaching team-to-toddler ratios are maintained at 2:10 or 3:12 at all times.

Documentation for Every Child

No need to guess what’s happening in your child’s daily life

As a parent, you’ll receive real-time reporting and daily updates on your child’s progress at day care. We have a system of documenting all the vital data, the nurturing guidance and care your child receives, and any behavior events during the day for each child. Then we share this information with you through day-to-day conversations, in-depth formal parent-staff conferences, and real-time updates on your desktop or mobile device. You’ll love the messages and pictures of your child’s day that you can access through a password-protected account.

Closed-Circuit Camera Monitoring

In today’s world, you can never be too careful

Our toddler nurseries are monitored during the day via closed-circuit cameras and intercoms. If there is ever a case where additional assistance is needed, we have staff standing by who can lend a hand at a crucial moment. In addition, for our security-minded parents, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that every movement in every classroom is being recorded and monitored by our staff.

Toddler-Friendly Curriculum

Every child deserves a head start in learning about the world around them

Here at Rainbow Chimes, we don’t just leave toddlers to their own devices all day long. Children need to be taught how to play, how to interact with other children, and how to learn about the world around them. That’s why we have incorporated the High Scope Curriculum for toddlers, since we are firm believers in quality early childhood education programs. Every day, we plan a lesson that will foster your child’s development in age-appropriate ways that are fun!

If you hear the word “curriculum” and you imagine rote-memory or boring learning experiences, think again! We use an active learning model that lets your toddler develop skills without ever feeling like they’re “studying.”  Your child will get the opportunity to do all this and much more:

  • Explore the world around them
  • Develop friendships with their classmates
  • Begin to apply cause-and-effect relationships to their actions
  • Grow in language and early literacy skills
  • Build their creativity through hands-on art, music, movement and dramatic/pretend play
  • Discover insights into comparisons, measurement, time, distance, and direction
  • Come to an awareness of cause and effect
  • Have fun with developmentally-appropriate number and science activities

The Toddler Nursery

A clean, spacious, and safe environment designed to stimulate and satiate the curiosity of your child

Our toddler nursery environment is comprised of several roomy areas that are arranged with small tables, chairs, rugs, and open areas. We invite children to be comfortable and to have a variety of different areas that encourage them to intensify their attention and focus. We offer many items to stimulate their imagination and ensure that each day is fun and productive.

  • Toys
  • Blocks
  • Manipulative sorting and building toys
  • Puzzles
  • Dramatic play props
  • Play-dough
  • A myriad of other materials designed for fun and progressive learning

All these materials are strategically chosen to encourage your toddler to visualize, use their imagination, make plans to actively play, and socialize in spontaneous and guided activities.

Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards

Toddler nurseries all have changing tables sanitized after every use. Easily accessible, child-sized toilets and sinks within the classroom facilitate potty-training. Children nap on special, low-to-the-ground cots. Floors and rugs are cleaned every day, and toys and furnishings are washed and inspected on a strict schedule to ensure both cleanliness and continued suitability for use.

Outside Time in the Toddlers’ Trove

Daily playtime outside in the fresh air

Our Toddlers Trove is an enclosed outdoor play area designed for and used by toddlers only. Perfectly-scaled play equipment encourages safe large-motor development and enhances social interaction. The entire area has protective ground surfacing and clear lines of sight. Children get to play outside every day unless the weather is inclement.

We are sure you will agree that your toddler will have a joyful, creative, and fun experience at Rainbow Chimes.

Call 631-296-1986 today to arrange a tour, as openings are extremely limited.

“The staff is really great with the kids and they’re all about teaching them. She really has developed into this really responsible little person” – Elena Fusaro