Joyful, Creative, and Fun Learning For Your 3- or 4-year-old Child

  • Does your preschooler need a positive, structured environment where they can thrive and grow?
  • Are you as a parent looking for top-quality, trustworthy care for your preschool-aged child?
  • Is it important to you that your child’s preschool be much more than just babysitting?

Our busy, interactive preschool classrooms provide a fun and awesome hands-on environment for three- and four-year-olds.

Our Staff

Teachers with degrees and credentials who care about young children

When you’re committed to giving your child a head start in life, it’s important to offer them an environment where their leaders are equipped with the training and knowledge to impart to their young minds. The Early Childhood Teaching Team Specialists are trained and chosen for their abilities to engage children directly in a gentle, friendly manner.

We seek a diverse staff with energetic ideas and a cooperative nature, as these are the attributes we want to foster in our young students. Teaching team to preschooler ratios are maintained at 1:6 or 1:7, depending on the ages and numbers of the children in the classroom.

Teachers and teacher’s assistants write child anecdotes daily as part of a formal child observation assessment we share with parents twice each year, which also addresses the child’s language and literacy advancement.

Reporting On Your Child’s Day

Stay informed of what your child is doing

When you don’t have insight into your child’s daily life, it’s difficult to spot trends and understand the background of some of the things that your child is saying, thinking, and doing. You don’t have to be in the dark when your child attends the preschool daycare at Rainbow Chimes!

We offer you consistent reporting on all the important details, such as what your child ate, what they learned, what they did at playtime, and what books they read. This will come to you in the form of anecdotal notes, day-to-day conversations, in-depth formal parent-staff conferences, and informal messages and pictures shared through internet uploads to a password-protected account.

Closed-Circuit Camera Monitoring

Extra eyes for accountability, all day long

Don’t put your child in the hands of people who can’t document the evidence of what is—and what isn’t—happening in your child’s preschool classroom. When you enroll your child in Rainbow Chimes, you have the peace of mind of knowing that there is extra accountability in the form of closed-circuit camera monitoring and intercoms on our premises.

Preschool Curriculum

Prepare your child for an effortless transition to kindergarten

Both you and your child will love the High Scope Curriculum that we use here at Rainbow Chimes. We offer a distinctive classroom environment and flowing daily routine that results in children developing a keen sense of knowing when it’s time to play, when it’s time to eat, when it’s time to read, and so forth.

This progressive, cognitively-oriented (non-rote) preschool curriculum provides an active learning experience around 58 key development indicators that link child inquiry, planning, work time, and recall. The daily routine includes intervals of quiet and active play along with large and fine-motor development, story-telling, meals, and outdoor play. Socialization and displays of kindness are encouraged throughout the day.

Children create and assemble written and pictorial portfolios of their work and are able to see their own progress and growth over time. You’ll notice the progress your child is making, and your child won’t notice the boredom and frustration that are typical of less-effective preschool approaches.

A Stimulating Classroom

Child-sized furnishings and a giant-sized learning opportunity

Classroom areas contain appropriate furnishings with shelves and labeled baskets containing art materials, books, puzzles, blocks, trucks, dolls, table-toys, games, musical instruments, tools, prop boxes, and real materials from home and nature.

Each classroom has an attached bathroom with child-sized toilets and hand-washing sinks that are easily monitored by attending staff. Floors and rugs are cleaned every day, and toys and furnishings are washed and inspected on a strict schedule to ensure both cleanliness and continued suitability for use.

Classrooms include several areas for children’s individual and small-group learning and play—Art, Block, House, Music, Manipulatives, Math & Science, and Literacy—to stimulate curiosity and foster discovery of the world around them. Extensive use of descriptive language builds English vocabulary and creative writing; however, numerous words, phrases, songs and stories in foreign languages (typically Spanish or French) are generally informally taught by attending staff as well.

The Magical Land Of Outdoor Play

Your kids will love our AdventureScapes playground

The preschoolers’ AdventureScapes contains a big, wonderful playscape, specially designed to encourage interaction and socialization as well as large-motor skill development. The AdventureScape boasts a fort, ship, and castle with climbing wall, slides, and bridges. Other playground amenities include a patio and easels for outdoor art, music station, swings, playhouses, sandbox, and cycle-track. In summer, the running and ball field also allows for water-play. Children go outside to play every day unless the weather is inclement.

We are sure you will agree that your toddler will have a joyful, creative, and fun experience at Rainbow Chimes.

Preschoolers enrolled at Rainbow Chimes have busy productive days filled with positive activities, friends, and fun! Call today to arrange a tour: 631-296-1986.

“They are very flexible with their hours. They have always been able to accommodate pretty much any requests that we’ve had in terms of just normal business hours or even going an hour over here or there if we needed that.” – Reyna Booth