We specialize in all your Before & After School Care needs

School-agers have their own enjoyable child care programs at Rainbow Chimes:

  • Before School recreation availability 6 am to 9 am
  • After School sessions as needed from 2:30 pm to 7 pm
  • All school holidays & closing weeks (only closed 9 days between September & June)
  • Small group size with exceptional teacher/paraprofessional to child ratios (1:8 or 1:9, depending on age)
  • High Scope Recreational Curriculum
  • Homework Help
  • Big AdventureScapes Playground
  • Breakfast & snack provided
  • Occasional Field Trips
  • Extensive parent-teacher communication, including activity photos uploaded to parent account
  • Limited transportation available to/from Harley, Boyd, Washington Primary, Woodhull, Washington Drive, TJ Lahey, Countrywood, Maplewood, Birchwood & Oakwood Schools

RCInnerPage11Experienced staff chosen for their friendly and fun nature plan engaging games and activities with the children, including daily time outdoors and in small groups. Homework help is available in the late afternoons. Direct adult-to-child ratios are maintained between 1:7 and 1:10, depending on the majority age of the children. Closed-circuit monitoring and support staff provide an extra level of supervision to ensure a safe, child-friendly environment. Activities and progress are documented for every child through anecdotal notes, day-to-day conversations, in-depth formal parent-staff conferences, and informally via messages and pictures shared with parents via internet uploads to a password-protected account.

The High Scope Recreational Curriculum includes daily planning for self-chosen activities as well as meeting with an assigned small group to discuss what has transpired, been learned, or observed from one another. Kindness, cooperation, and dignified conflict resolution are modeled and guided so that friendships are nurtured and cherished. Children and staff document various representative work and projects via a variety of mediums. The recreational space includes open areas for large-motor skill play as well as shelves and cubbies filled with toys and games. Auxiliary areas for art, cooking, and a library with age-appropriate books are also accessible to the children with an adult escort. All of these areas, and the adjacent bathrooms, are cleaned every day.

RCInnerPage2Our AdventureScapes Playground is a big hit with the older children. It contains a big, wonderful playscape, which was specially-designed to encourage interaction and socialization along with large-motor skill development. The AdventureScape boasts a fort, ship, and castle with climbing wall, slides, and bridges. Other playground amenities include a patio and easels for outdoor art, music station, swings, playhouses, sandbox, and cycle-track. In summer, the running and ball field also allows for water-play. Children go outside to play every day unless the weather is inclement.

Parents can be absolutely sure that children who attend the Rainbow Chimes Kindergarten program are especially well-equipped to enter first grade and beyond. Enrollment is limited to just one small class group per year, so call today to arrange for a tour: 631-296-1986.

“My daughter’s been there since she was about four months old and I really like the place. The infant rooms especially. They have very consistent and very good teachers. I call them teachers because they really take care of the kids. They teach them. She’s pretty good with manners, saying please and thank you and telling you when she is done with her food, and she’s two now. She says she loves going to school and playing with her friends. And cost-wise also, it’s comparable.” – Gayatrri Musraca