Rainbow Chimes is a top-quality early childhood education and daycare center governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who have served for more than 15 years, constantly reviewing the latest research on early education to ensure we’re providing your child the best environment and experience possible.

The key members of the RCI Agency Management Team possess broad-based knowledge, multiple degrees, and collectively over 55 years of experience in Education, Special Education, Early Childhood Development and Education, Human Behavior and Service, Health Care, Business Administration, Non-Profit Management, Finance, Marketing, Leadership, Ethics, and Customer Service. We take seriously our role as overseers of Rainbow Chimes, ensuring that Huntington, New York, and surrounding communities are served well through quality early childhood education and daycare programs.

We employ professional staff members in the classrooms with varying academic backgrounds. For instance, our infant/toddler instructors have degrees in early childhood education or a related discipline, as well as field training. All preschool and kindergarten classes are led by teachers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, with prior classroom experience and training.

Through our dedicated leadership, our well-educated, caring staff, our supportive communities, and the involvement of the families we serve, we believe that Rainbow Chimes offers an unparalleled early childhood experience for your child that will serve them well throughout their growing years and beyond!

“Right now, he goes to kindergarten. His teachers are impressed with his academic skills and his organization, his social skills.”

– Nelecida Muniz