All early childhood programs in New York that provide education and child care services for more than three children, more than three hours per day, must be licensed by the NYS Office of Children and Families (OCFS).

Literally hundreds of details are checked before a program can be licensed. Considering Rainbow Chimes’ level of programmatic quality, this specific information fills a four-inch thick binder! Our dedication to serving families and children extends to every facet of our programs, from safety to nutrition, and from our early childhood education programs to our after-school enrichment offerings.

Each of Rainbow Chimes’ programs and Centers has a valid license that is renewed on a timely basis in accordance with OCFS regulations. This information can be verified by calling OCFS at: 1-800-732-5207.


“Our grandson really does enjoy eating there. And, we can be sure that he’s going to eat a full lunch, for a change.” – Tammy Green