1. High Scope Preschool

    Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood and Care Center in Huntington offers high quality day care to the community around Huntington Long Island. We use the H…Read More

  2. High Scope Curriculum

    Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education and Care Center in Huntington New York is a a day care with a difference. We know the importance of early chi…Read More

  3. Scholarships and Subsidies

    Rainbow Chimes is a daycare with a difference in Huntington NY.  The percentage of American families with two working parents is  now 46%; that is u…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Play

    Rainbow Chimes Early Education and Care Center offers high-quality education oriented child care and infant day care. We use the High Scope Curriculum…Read More

  5. High Scope Curriculum

    Rainbow Chimes is a daycare that emphasizes active learning. We believe that this method of early childhood education has benefits that manifest thems…Read More

  6. What Is HighScope?

    At Rainbow Chimes Day Care, we’re proud to utilize the HighScope curriculum. But what is it, and how is it relevant to your child? In 1970, the High…Read More

  7. Daycare with a Difference

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