For each child care facility you are considering, we recommend that you spend half an hour or more on each visit to be able to get a good sense of the center.

When you visit, keep a critical eye on some of the major issues below, and request a one-on-one chat with at least one of the child care professionals who work there.


  • Is the facility’s first priority to provide developmentally appropriate programs and activities that help children learn and grow?
  • Does the facility offer wholesome, nutritious food?
  • Is the staff familiar with procedures to be used in emergencies?
  • Are they trained in first aid and child CPR?
  • Is the facility safe for children?

Outdoor Facilities

Are there outdoor facilities and do the children use them regularly?


Are the areas used for the children large enough and well organized?


Are these ratios (or better) maintained all day, even at naptime?
Infants 4:1 – Toddlers: 5:1 – Preschool: 6 or 7:1 – School-aged: 10:1


Are operating policies available to you in writing?

Management & General Organization

  • Are the facility and its staff certified and licensed by the appropriate government agencies?


“They are very flexible with their hours. They have always been able to accommodate pretty much any requests that we’ve had in terms of just normal business hours or even going hour over here or there if we needed that.” – Reyna Booth