Rainbow Chimes offers more than just quality day care! Our early childhood development program seeks to develop well-rounded, kind children who turn into confident, kind adults. To that end, we offer several enrichment programs.

Afternoon Tea on Fridays: We believe that experiencing activities that promote social graces and encourage positive interactions brings confidence to children. One way we do this is to serve Afternoon Tea in colorful teapots every Friday. The children become comfortable while learning etiquette based on kindness, consideration, and unselfishness. Come join us for this lovely time of happy relaxation and conversation.

Holiday Festivities: At Rainbow Chimes, we celebrate the special events that mark the major times of our lives, such as the birth of a sibling. We also celebrate holidays from many cultures by preparing foods and utilizing colors, songs, and stories in the classroom.

Birthday Celebrations with Books: Children gain tremendous enjoyment from creating happiness for others on their special day. First, we provide all the makings for a decorated birthday cake or cupcakes, which the children will make together for their celebrated friend. Then, we ask that you donate a book in your child’s name (from a suggested list) to the class or our Center Library. We will affix a special nameplate to the front inside cover, inscribed with your child’s name and picture. These books become very special to the children.

Extracurricular Activities: Through various community organizations, Rainbow Chimes of Huntington, NY occasionally offers families additional on-site enrichment activities such as gymnastics, dance, or karate for an extra fee. Enrollment is limited, so we encourage interested families to enroll early.

Portfolios: Folders containing samples of children’s work depict what they’ve done as individual learners and with their peers. This evidence of educational initiative includes chronological documentation of children’s stages of learning, anecdotal records, and assessments of progress and achievements.

“My daughter is two, she talks like a five-year-old. They play a lot of games and there is a lot of activities. She knows her rhymes. She knows how to count from one to ten. I’m pretty amazed at how advanced she is. They have an endless supply of books.” – Gayatrri Musraca