Many employers opt for discounted vouchers to assist their employees with meeting child care needs. These may be offered as part of an employee benefit package in order to make dependable, quality child care more affordable for working families.

A voucher can be redeemed towards a portion of education and care costs at our main Rainbow Chimes site in Huntington. The voucher is returned to the employer for its share of the payment. The subsidy may be either fixed or based on a sliding fee scale developed by the Corporate-Sponsor.

A variation to this discount allows the sponsor to purchase slots up front and resell them to the employees at a reduced rate. When this method is used as part of an employer’s dependent care assistance benefit program, tremendous tax savings may be realized.

Rainbow Chimes will honor employer vouchers as payment towards an employee’s child care tuition and give prioritized placement to the child as well. Please call (631) 427-6300 to let us help you set up a discounted child care voucher program for your employees.


“I first started to interview schools when I was pregnant. I went to quite a few different daycare centers and schools, and by far, Rainbow Chimes was the best one. There was just no comparison.” – Elena Fusaro