At Rainbow Chimes Day Care, we’re proud to utilize the HighScope curriculum. But what is it, and how is it relevant to your child?

In 1970, the HighScope approach was first developed in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It was envisioned as an offshoot of the Perry Preschool Project, a program designed to provide early childhood education to Michigan’s poorest residents. Now, the approach is used with the full range of children all across the United States and overseas. Through early childhood education, studies have found that children are more likely to graduate from high school, commit fewer crimes and have greater earning power than their peers.

HighScope focuses on “active learning.” Since children learn best when they’re following their personal interests, they are encouraged to make choices about materials and activities during the day when they’re in this educational environment. Kids will ask and answer questions, explore, solve problems, and interact with classmates and adults. This causes them to naturally engage in “key experiences,” activities that foster developmentally important abilities and skills. These are milestones such as social relations, literacy, classification and creative representation.

The space and materials in a typical HighScope center are selected and arranged to promote active learning. It’s common for a center to feature separate stations highlighting block play, books and writing, and sand and water play, for example. During activities, adults are trained to act as partners in learning instead of managers or supervisors. This allows the children to have greater control over making and implementing a plan, forming authentic relationships and problem-solving.

So is a HighScope education right for your child? Contact us today for a free consultation.