Rainbow Chimes offers what most day care centers don’t because we are no ordinary care center; we are an Early Childhood Education and Care center.  Anyone who has spent time with a toddler can tell you they are amazing to watch. Between the ages of 1 and 3 children are growing from dependent infants (literally without words) to  independent, exploring little people, while still maintaining, for the time being, a primitive manner of thinking.

Rainbow Chimes uses the High Scope Curriculum that is based on the idea that children learn best when they are active participants in their learning. One thing they learn at the end of the infant stage and the beginning of the toddler stage is object permanence. This is the concept that something still exists even you can’t see it. This is what children are learning when they play peek-a-boo. Every game and activity can have a cognitive lesson at it’s root and children learn the lessons best when they explore at their own pace and they decide what activity to do.

We know that everyday offers your child an opportunity to learn and grow and discover things about the world and about themselves. Our job is to facilitate the natural learner in every child.  We promote sensorimotor development by providing an environment that is rich with developmentally appropriate toys.  The staff that cares for toddlers all have degrees in Early Childhood Development and follows a daily routine that intentionally provides opportunities for physical and cognitive development.

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