When you are looking for infant day care for your infant you want to be looking for certain things that give your peace of mind that your baby is being cared for well beyond the necessities of life.


Developing a trusting relationship with a caregiver is one of the first building blocks in a life of learning and growing. That’s why babies thrive in Rainbow Chimes specialized nurseries. We hold babies during bottle feedings and interact with them in an age-appropriate manner. We know that every infant reflex is a way that babies are exploring their world and that by allowing them to slowly put the pieces of existence together we are helping to form a future experiential learner.


Infants grow into toddlers faster than you can imagine and Rainbow Chimes nurseries are great places for them to explore their growing sensorimotor skills. We have age appropriate toys that are known to be developmentally appropriate. For example, the common toy of this age range is the pop-up toy where a child pushes a button or slides a switch and door opens to reveal a familiar character. This teaches a child the cause and effect relationship. This relationship is practiced by children in almost every aspect of life as they explore the world. They learn what happens when they drop a cheerio on the floor, bang a plastic hammer on a window, pull the cat’s tail and cry after a nap. They observe what happens and test and retest the results. They are natural born scientists, performing experiments and collecting data from the day they are born. Rainbow Chimes is honored to play a part in this process and the High Scope Curriculum responds to this process and nurtures it, creating confident, successful  people.