The jury is in and childhood experts all agree: attending a high quality preschool program sets the right foundation for kindergarten and beyond. Here at Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education & Care Center, an award winning preschool in Huntington NY, we’ve taken some time to answer some of your biggest questions.

  1. What’s the difference between preschool and childcare? Childcare centers are normally seen as an option for parents who work who are looking for their children to be taken care of during the day. In contract, preschool refers to early childhood education and developmental classes for 3 and 4 year olds. You can find childcare centers with experienced and well-trained teachers who offer stimulating activities and these centers offer similar advantages to those of a preschool.
  2. Just how important is preschool for my child? There’s growing evidence that your child will gain quite a bit from going to preschool. They’re exposed to numbers, shapes, letters, socialization, independence, sharing, contributing, and much more during preschool. In fact, experts say that children should have some time of group experience before kindergarten and preschool is a great way to get that experience.
  3. What is my child going to learn in preschool? In addition to learning how to socialize, your child will learn how to compromise, solve problems, be respectful to others, find a sense of self, explore, play with others, and gain confidence. A quality preschool like ours will help your child find answers through experimentation, exploration, and conversation, preparing them for success later in life.