For the last few weeks, Facebook has been filled with pictures of proud moms and dads sending their ‘babies’ off to yet another first day of school, or their very first day of school. Those moments are so special and important to families and, of course, the kids themselves. As kids grow up there are so many things to learn, and challenges to overcome. One of the best best gifts we can give to our kids is to help them be ready for the first day of school, and every day thereafter. Rainbow Chimes Early Education and Care center in Huntington feels pride in helping year after year of children get ready for their school years. We’ve been doing it since 1980. We provide an outstanding early childhood education for each year’s crop of children.

Children Are Individuals

  • We see each child as an individuals, with their own interests and talents.
  • Our High Scope Curriculum enables us to cater to each child’s natural curiosity so that they become active participants in their own learning.
  • We firmly believe that an active learner is a lifetime learner who will succeed in life.

The Happy Medium

  • We think allowing children to be self-motivated, active learners is the best way to encourage critical thinking at an early age.
  • We also know they need guidance and so our teacher interact and guide the children on how to plan and carry out their learning.  

Our use of High Scope Curriculum has proven to be successful in creating active learners and in helping children prepare for their school years. To schedule a tour of our early childhood care center, click here.