Rainbow Chimes offers a pre-K curriculum for children who are enrolled on a full-time basis and who are expected to attend kindergarten in the next school year. This is a high-quality, creative curriculum that promotes active, participatory learning in children which has proven to produce confident,  inquisitive, successful adults.

In recent years, the importance of pre-K has crystallized. The evidence is clear, children who attend a pre-K program reap academic benefits from the first day of kindergarten to graduating from high school and even on to college. According to The Urban Child Institute, almost every metric of what could be considered success in life is increased by attending pre-K. Academic benefits are only the beginning of the results. The quality of life is significantly higher for those who attend a pre-K program. At age 27, 29% of children who attended pre-K made at least $2000 a month at compared to .07% of those who did not. 36% of pre-K attendees owned a home by age 27 compared to 13% for non-attendees.

These results cross lines of race and ethnicity. Children who were classified as white, black and Hispanic all reaped benefits from pre-k. In fact, Hispanic children who attended pre-k showed a 79% improvement in letter recognition over children who did not attend pre-k. They also showed a 54% improvement in applied problems over non-attendees. For black children, the numbers for these two categories are 53% and 21 % respectively and for white children they are 52% and 6%. It is clear that all children should be attending pre-k.

Rainbow Chimes uses the High Scope curriculum which has proven, over the course of four decades to be a successful curriculum and produces successful, confident individuals. Call today to schedule a visit!