At Rainbow Chimes Day Care, our mission is to provide your children and our future generation with the early educational skills and the ability to challenge assumptions so that they can develop into positive and productive leaders of our society. As a day care center in Huntington, NY, we firmly believe in the advantages of early childhood education. Today we’ll discuss a few of those benefits in depth.

There’s growing recognition that the first few years of a child’s life are particularly important in the process of development. These years lay an important foundation for cognitive function, social, behavioral, and self-regulatory capacities, and even physical health. Let’s take a deeper look at these advantages.

  • Social and Emotional Development: Allowing your child to develop relationships with children and other adults provides a sense of security.  A child who is comfortable with the people in his or her life is more likely to participate in learning opportunities and in advanced cooperative play, such as role playing with others, playing games with rules, and working with others to accomplish goals.
  • Cognitive Development: A great high quality early childhood education program will enable your child to build on their existing skills and knowledge so that they can acquire new skills and knowledge.
  • Language Development: Between the ages of 1 and 5 years old, your child’s language development rapidly increases. If your child is secure in their environment, and with the people around them, they’re more likely to engage in conversations that are age-appropriate. This leads to more advanced skills by promoting new vocabulary words and conversational skills.