Child creating art using paintbrushes and watercolor paints.

Fly Kites

As the wonderfully nostalgic Marry Poppins movie compels, “Let’s go fly a kite!” It’s such a simple yet thrilling pleasure you can share with your child of any age, including your preschooler. Whether you fly a simple kite or a more extravagant one, it’s a fun pastime that can be done in virtually any park. Just make sure to do so safely under the right weather conditions, with no lightning in the area.

Go On A Treasure Hunt

Whether you hide treasures (i.e. toys or other regular household items you’ve magically turned into valuable gems, ancient artifacts, or old fossils waiting to be discovered) in the yard for your young explorer to find, or you take a walk to search for nature’s riches, a treasure hunt can generate excitement and foster imagination. It’s a fun family activity for you and your young ones to enjoy together. Even the family dog can take part!

Have An Afternoon Tea Party

Turn afternoon snack time into a fun tea party! Of course, your child’s tea can be healthy 100% juice, and you and your child can spend some fun time in the kitchen first creating nutritious snacks to enjoy during your tea party.

Create A Masterpiece!

It’s always a good time to create art, and there are countless ways to do so. From fingerpainting to making bracelets, and from sculpting with clay to painting with watercolors, options are endless. Set up an art station at home, such as in your kitchen or basement, or perhaps in a comfortable shaded area in your yard, and work together to create artistic masterpieces.

Call to action showing children at a preschool, advertising a New York preschool center.

Play Games

When it’s raining outside, bring out the old-fashioned board games and spend quality indoor time with your preschooler playing these fun games. Board games build mental acuity, in addition to being terrific tools for teaching social interaction skills and cooperation.

Another option is to play impromptu games, such as “20 Questions” or “I Spy.” These types of games build analytical skills while being great pastimes for rainy days (or long car drives, if you’re taking a trip somewhere with your preschooler).

Make Up A Story

You and your family can make up a story, with each person taking turns sharing it. For example, you can sit in a circle and pass around a storytelling prop (which you can create with your preschooler beforehand); whoever is in possession of the prop can add to the story you’re making up on the go. Add a timer so that each person has a couple of minutes of storytelling duration before it’s time to pass the prop on to the next storyteller.

Put On A Play

Do you have a box of costumes and old clothes that might work well for casual theater productions? Bring it out and put on a play! You could do a short play a week first thing in the morning or in the afternoon, or you can turn it into a bigger production complete with rehearsals and a final show at the end of the summer. Either way, theatrical fun will build countless skills while being fun for all ages!

Magazine Art

Do you remember making collages when you were a kid? Try this with your preschooler. Using safety scissors, piles of magazines you no longer want, glue sticks, and construction paper, have your youngster make a colorful collage. You can theme each collage, such as animals, fruits, or travel, for example, or you can let your children use their imaginations to create whatever they want. Have them explain their collages to you so they can show off their work and practice their communication skills!

For Quality Preschool And Daycare Programs

Even if it’s summer, your child can benefit from structured preschool and daycare programs in your area. If you’re in the Huntington, NY region, contact Rainbow Chimes to learn what programs we offer to help preschoolers thrive in a nurturing school environment.

At Rainbow Chimes, we completely believe in creating a fun learning program that lets your child grow in skills while exercising their creativity. Our preschool education programs offer children a positive environment where they can try new activities, explore new skills, and grow both academically and socially.

If you’d like to learn more about Rainbow Chimes, schedule a tour today!