Rainbow Chimes is a daycare and early education center in Huntington NY. We use the High Scope curriculum which uses a child’s own interests and active learning to guide the child through the stages of learning as set out by famed child psychologist Jean Piaget. The preschool years are a magical time for children and their parents. When they are not fussing over food or melting down in public, preschoolers are adorable, charming, love and knowledge sponges. They are beginning to be capable of wider thoughts and it is up to parents and caregivers to encourage them to see beyond themselves. One way to do this is to think of the shift “From Me to We”. Teach them about the world around them and how it is filled with people of all kinds.

The Holiday season is a great time to do this by teaching young children about the traditions of other peoples around the globe. Besides teaching your children about your own traditions by observing holiday rituals, you can choose a few other religions and do a bit of research and introduce your children to them via books, movies or, as they grow older, taking them to places of worship of other people. Another great way to explore other traditions, any time of year is by studying traditional dress and traditional foods. Make a recipe from another culture or visit an ethnic restaurant. This is not to say you devalue your own traditions, but that we live in a pluralistic culture that benefits peaceful coexistence.

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