Parents today have many options when it comes to taking care of children and finding just the right life-work balance. Whether you choose to be an at-home parent or one who is employed either at home or at a location outside of the house, you need to know that any of these options comes with pluses. The choice you make is personal, and it’s based on your unique circumstances and what works best for you and your family.

In this post, we’ll cover the specific benefits preschoolers get from having parents who are employed. While we agree that ALL parents are working parents, regardless of their employment status, for the sake of this post, we’ll use the terms working parents, working mom, or working dad to mean a parent who is also self-employed or has a job with an outside employer. You may not realize it, but as a working mom or dad, you have the opportunity to inspire your youngster!

Preschoolers Want To Grow Up To Be Just Like Mom And Dad

It’s no secret that preschoolers love Mom and Dad, and often times, they want to grow up to be just like them. If Dad is a nurse, your preschooler will want to become a nurse, too. If Mom is a real estate agent, you may see your preschooler give pretend house showings or draw lots of pictures of houses. Our children watch us, and they learn from what we do. When they want to explore a new idea, they’ll do so through play, imagination, and whatever tools they may have on hand (like building blocks or coloring books).

While they are way too young to make a serious decision about what career path they’ll follow, watching you prepare for work and hearing your stories about your job will make an impact. Your job role, along with how you relate to your work, can inspire your preschooler to start thinking about the working life and dreaming about what they may want to do someday. Shorter-term benefits include thinking about how the world works, using their imagination to help them understand the concept of having a job, and starting to see that they, too, have an important place in the community.

They Learn The Value Of Time Management

As a working parent, you have to juggle your home life and your work life. It can be a formidable task, but when you learn to manage your time effectively and balance the different areas of your life, your preschooler becomes inspired to do the same. Time management skills can be taught at an early age, and they teach additional valuable lessons about boundaries, limits, and scheduling.

They Can Learn Key Lessons About Responsibility And Work Ethics

Share with your preschooler as much as you can about your work. If you’re passionate about what you do, that’s a huge plus; your passion will be contagious, igniting your preschooler to want to emulate you and enjoy the benefits they see you enjoying.

If possible, bring your preschooler to work one day. They’ll see what you do, and they’ll absorb concepts related to strong work ethics and being responsible. Talk about your job when you go home. Share with them simple, interesting tidbits that they might be able to relate to. By seeing you embrace strong work ethics, they’ll be inspired to take responsibility in their young world, whether that means helping out a sibling, working together on a baking project, or picking up and putting away toys to help Mom and Dad.

They Can Grow In Confidence

Learning about the great big world out there and the many roles that people fill can help a young child grow in confidence in his or her own abilities to participate and to contribute. In addition, whenever you involve your child in the aspects of life that matter most to you, it imparts a sense of importance and belonging to your child. Your preschoolers will see that they matter enough for you to bring them into your life. The more you share with them the positive sides of your job, and the aspects of work that you feel passionate about, the more that they will grow in self-awareness, self-esteem, and confidence in general.

Preschoolers Can Get Inspired To Impact Their Worlds

If they notice you doing good things, such as serving others, managing organizations, creating products, or applying your skills to improving the world in some way, they’ll become inspired to impact their world, too. You can help inspire them through whatever job you do.

Are you a landscaper? Your preschooler will see how you beautify yards and make homes more attractive. Are you an attorney? You can use your day-to-day work as an opportunity to explain preschool-level concepts of right and wrong, justice, and defending those who are wrongly accused. If you’re a graphic designer, you can show off some of the beautiful creations you make with your computer. By letting your preschoolers see how you impact the world, you inspire them to start thinking about how they can impact theirs.

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