When you are shopping around for the best daycare for your child and your family there are a number of factors that are givens. Items such as child-to-caregiver ratio and a stimulating curriculum are essentials. Rainbow Chimes knows these are important, and we maintain a high teacher to child ratio so that every child gets attention, and we use the High Scope Curriculum that has proven itself to create active learners and create successful adults. Rainbow Chimes has other things, that other daycares don’t or can’t offer. One such factor is all about nutritious and quality food.

  • Our Five-Star chef has been on staff here are Rainbow Chimes since 2007.
  • Our kids do lessons that teach kids about nutrition and we do cooking activities to teach good eating habits.
  • We have guest speakers visit us to teach the children about healthy foods.
  • We highlight different ethnic foods from time to time as well.
  • We serve nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack every day for our young students.
  • All meals are prepared fresh daily in our commercial grade kitchen.
  • All our menus are provided to parents on a weekly basis and reviewed by a Registered Dietician.
  • Staff members eat their meals in their classrooms with the children in order to serve as good role models.
  • We know that children of this age are notoriously picky eaters, so each meal contains five different items so that each child is likely to find something they like.


What we put into our bodies is important, and teaching children about nutrition is very important and one of the great perks That Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education and Daycare Center offers. Call today.