Rainbow Chimes is a daycare and early education center in Huntington L.I. We offer care for infants through kindergarten. Of course, falling between these two ages is the preschool years. We use the High Scope Curriculum for all ages. This curriculum emphasizes, a child’s active role in learning and constructing their intellectual world. The preschool classrooms maintain a teacher to child ratio of 1:6 or 1:7, depending on the activity and the specific ages of the children. When you read the description of the preschool classroom, you’ll see a list of items that are found in the classroom. These items include puzzles, blocks, trucks, dolls, musical instruments and materials from home and from nature. When many see this list they may imagine run of the mill toys, but when they are in a High Scopes classroom, they take on a whole new meaning!

Because we use the 58 key development indicators of High Scopes, we can see that even playing with dolls is a child’s way of constructing a cognitive understanding of the world around them. Items from nature are used to ask questions, formulate hypotheses and to find results.

Children in a High Scope classroom have grownups to help them figure out how playing is learning, but not by being lectured to, but by example. A child might suggest the game and have the adult play along. This empowers the child, allows the grown up to shape the play as well as to see where the child is developmentally speaking.

To learn more about High Scopes Curriculum and to see how it is used at Rainbow Chimes, call for a tour of our facility.