Rainbow Chimes offers an early education program for preschool aged children. We use the High Scope curriculum that is based on the work of Jean Piaget, an early developmental psychologist. He postulated that children develop through four stages. The stage that covers the preschool years is called the preoperational stage and lasts from approximately age 2 to age 7. During this stage, Piaget said, children engage in a type of thinking that is called centration. This means they focus on just one aspect of a situation. Experimenting with this type of thinking can expand a child’s cognitive abilities. Out teaching staff facilitates the active learning that the High Scope Curriculum sets out. The teacher-child ratio is maintained at 1:6 or 1:7.

We know that preschool children are very energetic and need to get their physical needs answered before they can play calmly indoors. But that isn’t all children get from getting outdoors and running around playing. Children learn so much from playing together. They learn socialization, teamwork and all about their own capabilities. Play also allows imagination to stretch and grow.  We at Rainbow Chimes are very proud of our Adventure Scapes Playground. It is a large playscape that are designed to promote interaction, socialization, and large-motor skills. It has a fort, a ship and a castle with a climbing wall, slides, and bridges.

We know you don’t want to know about how your child did during your time apart and we send home notes with anecdotes, and can even send messages and photos to a password-protected online account so you can check in with your child’s daily progress as your convenience. Call today to schedule a visit.