When you are helping your child prepare for kindergarten, one of the best things you can do for him or her is to enroll them in a high-quality pre-k program. Not all pre-k programs are equal. We use the High Scope curriculum because we firmly believe that when children are active participants in their own learning they become lifelong learners.

Return on Investment

According to the Center For Public Education, for every dollar spent on a student attending a High Scope pre-k program, the return on investment is $8.74. This number has attempted to quantify the quality of life issues, not just income. Factors figured in are dependent on public assistance, delinquency as well income and earnings.

Short Terms Benefits

According to The Urban Child Institute, children who attend a pre-k program have, at age 14, achieved a level of 49% on an achievement scale, while children who did not attend a pre-k program are performing at just 15%. One of the most significant results can be found when we look at the number of females graduating from high school. 84% of female pre-K attendees graduated from high school as opposed to 32% on non-attendees.

Long Term Benefits

One metric of success for pre-k programs is the arrest rate by age 27. According to The Urban Child Institute, non-attendees are 1.2 more likely to be arrested as a juvenile and 2.08 times more likely to be arrested for a misdemeanor and 2.14 times more likely to be arrested for a felony by age 27.

Help your child be prepared for kindergarten and for life by enrolling them in Rainbow Chimes pre-k program.