If you’re the parent of a young child, you probably swing back and forth from moments of being in love with and in awe of your child, to moments of being frustrated and wanting to tear your hair out. However, these early formative years of their education can make a huge impact on the rest of their lives. The more you can enrich your kindergartner’s experience, the more you’ll find that you have a happy, well-adjusted child who is open to learning new things, having new experiences, and growing in their physical strength. In this blog post, our kindergarten teachers in Huntington would like to give you a few ideas for ways to enrich your child’s experience in everyday moments.

Discover what makes them want to participate

Most kids (and adults) work on a simple framework of motivation: We want to do things either out of desire for gain or fear of loss. However, in kindergarten, every teacher knows that each child is different in exactly what will motivate them. For some, it is the promise of a position in leadership, such as earning the right to be the daily helper. For others, it is the expectation of a treat like extra minutes at recess. For still others, it might be a visible trophy, like a special award sticker that is only given out for that particular accomplishment. Become a student of your child’s personality and discover what motivates them.

Going Outside = Enrichment

  • The great outdoors is like a massive set of equipment to boost sensory experience and motor skills.
  • Walking on uneven ground stimulates the development of proprioception (knowledge of where your body is in space).
  • Feeling crumbly sand, chunky mulch, and rough tree bark is a great way to widen your child’s sensory horizons.
  • Picking a dandelion boosts fine motor skills.
  • Running to kick a soccer ball boosts gross motor skills.

No matter what you do outside, it will be beneficial for your child’s enrichment, but you can do things to give them even more than they would have discovered on their own. So be your child’s nature guide when you go to the park. Pick up a pinecone and comment how it feels a bit prickly. Let them walk barefoot on the grass and point out how much different it feels than walking on the sidewalk. If you’re feeling ambitious, let them splash in that puddle or bury their fingers in mud, and let them experience the cause and effect of what happens when they touch wet or sticky things. (It’s just dirt; it’ll probably wash out of their clothes.)

It’s not always easy to make outside time happen. Screen time is just so much easier. Enriching a child’s outside experiences requires you to be very intentional and purposeful to fit it into both your schedule and theirs. However, remember that you’re investing in your child in this way, and they’ll reap far more benefits from being outside (not to mention interacting with you) than they will when they’re glued to a screen.

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