Rainbow Chimes is an Early Childhood Education and Care Center in Huntington, New York. Our kindergarten classes use the highly effective High Scope curriculum, which has been proven to boost a child’s life success on several levels. Children who have gone through High Scope education complete more years of schooling spend fewer years in Special Education programs, have fewer children out of wedlock, have fewer teen pregnancies, experience fewer arrests, spend less time in jail, and have higher incomes over their lifetimes.

One defining characteristic of the High Scope curriculum is the conflict resolution practices that are used and taught to the children.  Here are some of the basic methods used in the conflict resolution method.

  • Remain Calm Speak calmly and use a gentle touch, grown-ups remain neutral.
  • Acknowledge Children’s Feelings. The grown-up holds any contested object and validates the children’s feelings.
  • Investigate the Situation Ask the children what the problem is without asking why so the children can not assign blame.
  • Restate the Problem  The grown-up uses non-judgemental language to restate the situation calmly.
  • Ask for Solutions  The grown-up asks the children how the conflict might be resolved. If the kids can’t think of a solution the grown up offers ideas and seeks agreement from the children.
  • Follow Up Support  The grown-up praises the children’s attempts at solving the problem and then stays close to help them act on their chosen solution. Some steps may need to be repeated at younger ages.

This method of conflict resolution teaches children that their feelings are valid as well as to validate the feelings of others. It also teaches them the language of nonviolent conflict resolution. This basic skill can be useful their whole lives.