Rainbow Chimes is no ordinary daycare center. We are an early education and care center. We know that children are intelligent, sensitive creatures and we are dedicated to ensuring that they have many chances, every day, to explore their world and develop different aspects of their world and their self of self. Learning to communicate and express themselves is so essential to a child’s sense of self and competence. Language and math skills can make or break a child during their school years so having a solid foundation can make a huge difference. According to HighScope.org, there are 58 indicators that the High Scope curriculum focuses on. We’ve summarized them in the last blog and here for you.

Literacy skills are a key to doing well in school for every child.

Language, Literacy, and Communication

  • Comprehend language
  • Can express themselves with language
  • A growing vocabulary
  • Can identify distinct sounds in language
  • Know the letters of the alphabet and their sounds
  • Reading for pleasure and information
  • Knowledge about environmental print
  • Demonstrate knowledge about books
  • Write for many purposes
  • Learn the English language (and other languages if applicable)


Mathematics is the core of so many other disciplines, even music that a strong foundation in math can help a child succeed.


  • Use number words and symbols
  • Can count things
  • Combine and separate quantities of objects
  • Can identify, name and describe shapes
  • Can measure, describe, order and compare things
  • Understand the concept of unit
  • Can identify, describe, copy and complete patterns
  • Can engage is data analysis


We will continue this list in our next blog. Be sure to check back and in the meantime, call and schedule a visit!