Rainbow Chimes Early Education and Care Center uses High Scope curriculum from infant/toddler stage through preschool and beyond. Each phase of the curriculum is age appropriate and research-based. We are honored to take a role in the development of young children into inquisitive, confident bigger people. According to Highscope.org, The High Scope Curriculum addresses 58 key developmental indicators that form the basis of expanding inquiry, knowledge and capability. These 58 indicators are divided into 8 categories. And each of these categories has important subcategories.


When you understand how a child is learning it is easy to stand back and let them learn and to lend a hand when they seem need help.

Approaches to Learning

  • Showing Initiative
  • Making and following plans
  • Focusing on activities of interest
  • Solving problems
  • Gathering information and formulating ideas
  • Reflection on experiences


Without healthy social and emotional development, other categories are much less likely to blossom. Helping children develop into emotionally healthy adults is the number one job of the adults around that child.

Social and Emotional Development

  • Having a positive self-identity
  • A sense of competence
  • Recognize, label and regulate feelings
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Participate in classroom community
  • Engage in cooperative play
  • Develop a sense of right and wrong
  • Resolve conflicts


Knowing how to use and care for your body is an essential part of early childhood development. having the opportunity to move freely in play and knowing how to have healthy habits will lead to a lifetime of a good sense of their bodies and health.

Physical Development and Health

  • Gross motor skill development
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Body awareness and navigating through space
  • Can carry out personal care routines
  • Engage in healthy behaviors

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