Raising a child is one of the most fulfilling parts of anyone’s life. Passing along life lessons and family traditions to help your little one navigate the world is your way of arming your child with the necessary equipment to grow up healthy and happy. Something that should be a focus is ensuring your child has the self-esteem they’ll need to value their own work and place in the world. Children with strong self-esteem are more capable of being confident, social, and successful in many areas of life. With that in mind, we have gathered some of the best ways you can help your child build their self-esteem. If you’re looking for trustworthy daycare services in Huntington, look no further than Rainbow Chimes Daycare. We provide early childhood education and care services for children from two months to 10 years old.

-Give Them Choices

When you give a child a set of choices for something to do, it gives them a sense of empowerment. As a kid, it’s easy to feel left out of decision making, which can result in a sense that they’re not able to make a decision on their own. However, when you give them some predetermined and reasonable options to choose from, it teaches them how to make simple choices. That prepares children for tougher decisions when they get older, giving them the confidence to make a choice when they need to. It’s important that you narrow down the options for them — especially when they’re first learning — to avoid analysis paralysis, which is when you’re unable to make a choice because there are too many possibilities. Keeping it to a couple options, like pancakes or waffles for breakfast, gives them control over their choice without it getting out of control.

-Don’t Do Everything For Them

When you see your child struggling with something, it can be pretty tempting to jump in and take care of it yourself. Fight against that urge, show patience, and let them work it out on their own. Not only is this a great opportunity for your child to learn new skills, when they stick to it and succeed, they will gain the confidence they need to succeed in the future. Think of it like the old story about the Little Engine That Could. Even though the engine wasn’t able to get up the hill at first, when they kept at it, they eventually got where they needed to go. Be supportive, but let them do it themselves.

-Nobody’s Perfect

Kids have a tendency to be extra hard on themselves when they don’t do something right. Explain to your child that not only is nobody perfect, but no one expects them to be. Failure is a natural part of life that we all encounter no matter what age we are or how much experience we have. How you react to your child’s mistakes and disappointments will have a big impact on their feelings with this. Teach them how to recover from mistakes and setbacks. Every failure is an opportunity to get better, so showing them how to learn from their mistakes will help them handle roadblocks in a healthier way.

-Avoid Insincere Praise

Kids are much better at reading insincerity than you might think. Effusive and over-the-top praise rings hollow because they can tell you’re just being nice. Of course, it is good to praise your child often, but you should make your comments more specific to what they’ve actually accomplished. A compliment about their art calling them the best artist in the world isn’t just patronizing, it will make them feel like you didn’t even look at it. Instead, offer specific things you like about what they did. Those were choices they made on their own and the confidence they receive when you notice those special details will help them grow and feel a pride in their accomplishments that feel earned.

-Assign Age-Appropriate Chores

Growing up with a sense of responsibility helps children build their self-esteem, as they understand how their actions impact the world around them. When you give your child some chores that are appropriate for how old they are, it gives them an understanding of accountability and how good it feels to complete a task. Chores, like walking the dog, setting the table, and folding laundry, aren’t labor-intensive, so many children can accomplish them without much trouble. This will increase their confidence and strengthen their problem-solving skills.

-Don’t Compare Your Children

If you have more than one child, it’s important that you avoid making comparisons between them. Not only can comparing them breed resentment between siblings, it will cause their self-esteem to take a big hit. That is because it will cause them to compare themselves to their siblings in everything they do, which means they will lose the confidence in their own abilities that they need to be successful in their own right. Instead, highlight their individual strengths and traits.

-Respect Your Child’s Feelings

Belittling your child with mean names or sarcasm will severely impact their self-esteem for much longer than you might realize. Even though the old saying states that “words can never hurt me”, the truth is words can stick around an awfully long time. If you get angry or frustrated, take a break instead of taking it out on your child. All it takes is a single insult to damage your child’s feelings of self-worth.

-Spend One-on-One Time With Your Child

This is important for only children and kids with siblings alike. When you spend personal time with a child, it helps you build a bond with your child and makes them feel wanted in the world. Whether you’re going to grab lunch or spending a day at the park, some quality time with mom or dad is incredibly important to your child. Carving out some time in your schedule to do this at least once a week will have a big effect on your relationship together. Take this chance to see what’s on their mind, what they’re interested in, or what they might be struggling with. Showing you care about what they think and have to say will make them more confident in their own thoughts and feelings.

Self-esteem is something that eludes many people, and many of those issues can be attributed to how they were treated when they were younger. Give your child the tools to be successful and happy with their self-worth with these tips and see them flourish and grow. To ensure your child is receiving the early childhood education and care they need to grow up happy, healthy, and successful, call Rainbow Chimes Daycare today!