When you are looking for high-quality child care in the Huntington area, be sure to consider Rainbow Chimes. We’ve been providing child care since 1980. We utilize the High Scope curriculum that is research-based and has had proven success for decades. High Scope is based on the work of Jean Piaget and augmented by ideas from Lev Vygotsky.


The concept of scaffolding is the practice of giving extra help to a child (or anyone learning something) when they first begin to learn and slowly taking the assistance away. This can be done by pairing two children, one of whom is more skilled at the task.

Proximal Development

This is the concept that people learn best when they are being challenged. If you present someone with something they already have mastered, they will have no interest but by giving them something just above their abilities, they will stretch to meet the challenge. There is a fine line to keep in mind here though, or as the saying goes, you want it to be instructional, not ‘frustrational’.

Private Speech

This is the idea that children will use language to learn. They will first take the language they hear from someone else and then use it to solve problems themselves. This is why children talk to themselves as they work problems out. Studies show that children who engage in private speech learn complicated tasks more efficiently.

The concepts of Vygotsky and Piaget from the basis of the High Scope curriculum and decades of results prove that these active learners have life long success.