As parents, we know that the development of our kids is important. But consider that in many ways, the success of every child is determined before their 8th birthday. During those years, proper mental, emotional and physical development is critical. This kind of development is popularly known as early childhood education. You’ve probably heard the term mentioned by friends and family or in the media. But why is it important to your kids?

According to decades of research, most of the building blocks utilized to succeed in life are established before kindergarten. During that time, the human brain develops extremely quickly. Kids build cognitive skills, the foundations for academics like science, math and reading. They’re also learning character skills, emotional growth, gross-motor skills, and executive functioning, which includes problem-solving and impulse control.

When children attend early childhood education, they demonstrate superior social adjustment than their peers who do not attend. Not only that but since they have a head start in academics, they’re less likely to repeat a grade, more likely to graduate from high school and more likely to demonstrate heightened school achievement overall. With these advantages, kids have a better chance of attending college and ultimately achieving success professionally and socially.

Ultimately, it’s all about unlocking the potential of our kids, and ensuring that they have access to opportunities that are bigger and better. If our kids start now and embrace learning during their formative years, the sky will truly be the limit.