Rainbow Chime Early Education and Care Center is dedicated to the health and well-being of the children in our care. We care for their bodies, with delicious meals prepared by our on-staff 5 Star chef, and with lots of daily exercise. We care for their minds as well, and to this end, we utilize the High Scopes Curriculum.

This research-based curriculum is based on the work of renowned child development psychologist Jean Piaget. Jean Piaget is known for developing what is known as the constructivism (as opposed to constructionist) school of education theory.  

We see this in action in the High Scopes Curriculum whenever a child is put through the plan-do-review steps that are incorporated into every lesson. A child is asked to think about a particular topic, if salt makes ice melt faster, for example, then they are free to experiment with ice cubes and salt. After they are allowed to make their observations, they are asked to review what they’ve learned. This is done with what is known as scaffolding from the teacher. Scaffolding is giving supportive help to someone as they learn a task and taking away the support as it appears they no longer need it.

The result of this type of education is that children learn to construct their own learning, their own meaning, with help from the teacher, to guide them. We believe that this learning method creates confident individuals who know how to follow through on a project until the end as well as making successful earners out of them by building their critical thinking skills. We teach them how to learn, not what to learn per se. These skills translate into being a successful adult.

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