What should you look for in an after-school enrichment program for your child? Beyond a safe environment and a caring child-care staff, you need to make sure your child will benefit from the program. In addition to feeling safe there, your kids need to be able to feel comfortable expressing themselves or taking part in activities with other children. In addition, be sure to look for the following.

A Program That Matches Your Child’s Interests

An enrichment program needs to offer quality, rewarding experiences your child will enjoy and remember. When a program matches your child’s interests, the passion is already there, and your child will be more eager to participate.

A Healthy Adult To Child Ratio

If you see lots of kids participating but very few adults leading the program, you may wonder (and rightfully so) if your child might get overlooked. When there aren’t enough adults to instruct, encourage, lead, and oversee, your child may well end up sitting off to the side, unwilling or unable to participate if she feels lost, or if other kids are intimidating him. Be sure there’s a healthy adult to child ratio in any after-school child care enrichment program you’re considering.

A Good Mix Of Activities

Another thing to look for is a healthy mix of activities that cater to different learners and their preferences. If the program is all hands-on, or all book-based, or all action all the time, some kids will not enjoy the experience as much. A good mix of things to do will hold a child’s interest better.

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