Does it feel like teaching your kids is drudgery or monotonous? Or worse, does it feel like a fight any time you want to teach your kids anything? Maybe before you were a parent, you were looking forward to all the things you wanted to teach your kids, and now it just feels like pulling teeth to get them to participate and pay attention long enough to learn anything. You know how important early childhood education is, but you’re not sure how to pull it off. In this blog post from our day care in Huntington, we’d like to try to put some of the fun back into the teaching times that you have with your kids. Here are a few tips that we’ve found for how to do that.

1. Deliver learning experiences in short, engaging chunks

It’s no fun to try to teach your child if every time it leaves you frustrated and your child upset. If your teaching sessions always seem to end with the you and your child at loggerheads, try re-thinking your approach.

  • Teach in bite-size chunks
  • Smile! Keep the mood lighthearted and happy
  • Craft a learning experience that’s kid-friendly (steer towards immersive experiences rather than a lecture or a drill)
  • Keep the pace slow enough that your child doesn’t feel left behind or confused, but fast enough that they don’t feel bored
  • Pretend you’re a fairy. How can you make this a magical time for your child?

When you’ve done this a few times, you’ll get good at it and your child will discover that learning with you is fun!

2. Stop saying “I need to…” and start saying, “How can I…?”

Have you been saying any of these things to yourself?

  • “I need to spend more time with my child.”
  • “I need to teach my child better manners.”
  • “I need to get outside with my child more.”
  • “I need to teach my preschooler the alphabet and numbers.”
  • “I need to make sure that my child is hitting their milestones.”

It’s hard to get everything done when we live at a frantic pace all the time, and when you’re always saying to yourself “I need to” (do this, that, and the other thing), you can quickly feel overwhelmed and start beating yourself up when you don’t get the things done that you wanted to accomplish. However, one simple shift can help you to turn that around and let your subconscious mind start working for you. Instead of saying, “I need to,” say, “How can I?”

  • “How can I spend more time with my child?”
  • “How can I teach my child better manners?”
  • “How can I get outside more?” etc.

3. Let your child do genuinely helpful things

Let’s say that you’re doing a craft with popsicle sticks and you find it terribly boring. If you hate doing meaningless activities, your child will pick up on that and won’t appreciate it, either. However, if you let them feel that they are making a contribution that’s truly valuable, they will be delighted with the fact that they’re helping. Let your teaching moments center around how to fold clothes, how to grease the pans or stir the batter while you’re cooking, or how to rake leaves. Lavish on the praise with comments like, “Wow, I don’t know what I would do without you!”

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