When you are looking for daycare for your infant, toddler, or preschooler, you want something that is more than a warehouse for kids, so much more. Rainbow Chimes offers a whole spectrum of early childhood educational experiences for children to grow and learn. The High Scope Curriculum offered by Rainbow Chimes, is the same High Scopes curriculum that you can research and about in which you can find glowing reports.

High Scope curriculum is based on the work of famed child psychologist Jean Piaget and psychologist and social reformer John Dewey.

John Dewey had a deeply held belief that for a healthy democracy requires schools and a civil society. He reenvisioned the role of the teacher in education. Instead of teaching behind a one-way street that simply taught students a limited number of skills, and taught them to be passive. e believed in cultivating natural curiosity and active learning.

Jean Piaget developed the theory of cognitive development.  By dividing a child’s development into stages, parents and caregivers can more precisely answer the developmental needs of young people.

Another educational psychologist whose work directly influenced the development of the High Scope Curriculum is Lev Vygotsky. Two concepts of his that are important are the psychology of play and scaffolding.  Though he never used the word scaffolding, the idea of offering learning support that is eventually scaled back in phases is his.

You can find the ideas of these three men in the High Scope Curriculum. This is a highly researched and highly reported on curriculum. Check back for our next blog where we’ll learn what the results of four decades of highly documented  High Scope Curriculum show.