Rainbow Chimes might look to the outsider as though it’s your normal, run-of-the-mill daycare, but upon closer inspection they would see we are different. We provide an early childhood education that is research based and has proved, over the last four decades to produce real-world benefits to the children who have taken part in it.

The curriculum we use is the Highscope Curriculum. This curriculum is based on the research of the foundational child psychologist Jean Piaget. The thinking behind this curriculum can be summed up in two words: active learning. This means that the learning process is child-initiated, developmentally appropriate and open-ended. This learning method has many benefits. We will explore some of these benefits in the next few blogs.  

Whole Body Learning

One aspect of active learning is that children learn best when they use their whole body, and all their senses to explore and learn about the world. If you watch young children explore their world, you will see that most children automatically engage their entire bodies. Think of a child exploring a bale of hay on a farm field trip. They will look at it, feel the prickly hay, smell it and most likely use it as a platform from which to jump and play. In doing these things, they are forming a whole picture of the nature of a bale of hay. It is solid, but somewhat shock absorbing, prickly, yet soft. It smells good, yet might make you sneeze. The golden colors of the bale will likely make it into any drawing of a farmyard they will make back in the classroom.

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