turkey2Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education and Care Center in Huntington is dedicated to the care and education of children in our care. We use the High Scope Curriculum which is an inquiry-based curriculum. This means that we encourage children to engage with their surroundings, to ask questions, and to try to find answers for themselves. We, of course, guide children in many ways, but always encourage them to follow their interests, and to learn about what they care about as much as possible.

Multicultural Thanksgiving

At Rainbow Chimes, we pride ourselves on being internationally minded, and we bring this quality home with activities that honor people from all around the world. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do this. Since everyone excepting Native Americans is in America as a result of immigration, it is a perfect time to celebrate multiculturalism. Here are some tips on how to do that in your own home.

Thank You!

Learning how to say something as “thank you” in different languages can be the core of a lesson on multicultural Thanksgiving. Depending on your child’s age you can teach them how to say thanks in Spanish, French, or perhaps the language of your ancestors. If you child is old enough or if you have older children, you can tell the story of your family’s immigration to the United States. If you don’t know it, take this opportunity to ask your older relatives or do a little online research. The important message here is about gratitude and about how it is a common, universal sentiment. Of course, that out of many peoples came on people, the people of the United States can also be presented in an age appropriate way.

Grateful for the Harvest!

Of course, Thanksgiving celebrations are common across the world, when the harvest has been brought in and there is a pause before the winter months. To help a child connect to the concept of the harvest, you can visit a farm, or even the local farmer’s market or produce department of your grocery store. This time of year and people are cooking seasonal foods, they can be found in great amounts in the stores.

“Show your child foods they’ve never eaten.”

Find a fruit or vegetable you know is from a culture not your own. Look at and hold squashes and winter cabbages, or mangos and plantains, and anything else that might not be on your regular menu. Ask our child to smell it, feel it, and imagine what it might taste light. Buy something you’ve never tried before and take it home to eat!

Enjoy your holiday season and don’t forget to call Rainbow Chimes if you are looking for daycare in the Huntington area.