Rainbow Chimes Early Childhood Education and Care Center in Huntington New York is a a day care with a difference. We know the importance of early childhood education because we know that with a strong foundation a child can become a lifelong learner and that this is a cornerstone of success.

Rainbow Chimes is part of a tradition of devoted people trying to find the best way to educate children. We use  the High Scope Curriculum that is closely based on the work of noted Swiss child psychologist Jean Piaget.  Piaget studied how a person’s cognitive abilities developed through childhood. He postulated that children grow through four main stages of sensorimotor development.

  • The first stage, from birth to 2 years, is called the sensorimotor stage.
  • The second stage, from ages 2-7, is the preoperative stage.
  • From age 7 to 10 is the concrete operational stage.
  • And from 10 onward is the formal operations stage.

The main emphasis on children being active participants in their own education. When education is child-centered a child is empowered to explore what they are interested in and everyone learns better when it comes to things they are interested in.  Teachers facilitate children to explore where their natural curiosity leads them.  

With the High Scope Curriculum, emphasis is placed on how children think, more so than what they think. Children are not seen as merely dry sponges to absorb information, but instead as empowered critical thinkers and problem solvers. Method and technique are guided by the teachers and the children learn how to test out hypothesis and to communicate the results before exploring further.

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