Remember your school days? Favorite teachers, best friends, book reports, recess, field trips — without a doubt, going back to your elementary school days conjures up all kinds of feelings and memories. What did you enjoy most? What did you like the least? Which subjects gave you trouble? Which ones did you excel at? What moments stand out for you, and why?

Even if your elementary school days are a distant, hazy memory for you now, there’s no doubt that at the time, what happened in your life at school was the focus of your existence! Most likely there were areas of school life that you just weren’t prepared for, and you may have suffered as a result. Ultimately you caught up, or you learned to deal with it, but wouldn’t a little more preparation have been helpful to you?

Now that you’re a parent, the good news is that you can help your children get ready for the all-important elementary-school years. How can you do this? There are several ways. You can start to teach basic reading, counting, and writing skills at home as soon as they’re ready. You can take your kids to enriching activities, like going to a hands-on science museum, for example. You can answer the many questions your children bring to you, and turn playtime into learning experiences.

Another great thing you can do is enroll your child in a quality early childhood education program. Here are five ways every child can become better prepared for kindergarten and elementary school through an early childhood education program that addresses the whole-child needs of a toddler or preschooler.

Your Child Will Learn The Basics For A Head Start

Even though your child can learn some of the academic basics from you, these lessons will be reinforced and expanded in a structured early childhood education classroom. Your toddler’s or preschooler’s teachers and classroom assistants have gone through extensive training to learn best teaching practices for these age groups. They’re trained to teach in a way that makes learning fun for your child, thus fostering a lifelong love of learning that will come in handy through the years, well into adulthood and beyond.

By learning the basics from teachers who will share valuable academic lessons in age-appropriate ways, your child will get a head start and feel prepared for learning in a classroom setting when elementary school begins. This head start can be advantageous, progressing from one year to the next well into high school. An early childhood education head start can even help your child take advanced courses in math, science, literature, and more by their junior and senior high-school years, which could mean getting done with first-year college classes while still in high school and even shortening the length of time spent getting a bachelor’s degree.

Every child is different, and we’re not saying that early childhood education will necessarily turn your youngster into a prodigy or child genius! We do believe, however, that a solid early childhood education will help your child acquire the basic academic skills needed to keep up and advance at the elementary school stage, and beyond.

Socialization Skills Will Be Acquired

Your young child is learning so much! At the age of two, three, and four, worlds of knowledge are gained in every aspect of life, including socialization. Your toddler or preschooler is learning everything from how to communicate needs in an acceptable manner, to how to cooperate in group activities. The classroom setting offers numerous opportunities for acquiring new social skills which may not be as readily available at home. Both the one-on-one and group dynamics of an early childhood education setting create opportunities to grow in socialization skills.

Learning How To Make Friends Is An Important Skill

At home, your young child has you as a friend! This is an extremely important relationship. There may be additional opportunities for your child to establish trusting relationships, perhaps with your significant other, a sibling, an extended family member, or even a pet! While these at-home relationships set the foundation for your child, knowing how to make friends with a variety of children of the same age and cognitive level is also a valuable skill, one that can be acquired in an early childhood education program.

Your Child Will Grow In Independence

One of the most beautiful things in life for a parent is being able to see their child bloom! A classroom setting provides numerous opportunities to interact with different personalities, explore new educational realms, and participate in group activities. In an early childhood education program, your children will sing new songs, create artwork with a variety of materials, expand language skills, and participate in countless experiences designed to help them discover the world around them and grow. This can do wonders in terms of growing in independence as well. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing your children do more and more things for themselves thanks to the level of independence they’ve acquired in an early childhood education setting.

Confidence Levels Will Rise

With growth and achievement, another thing inevitably blooms: confidence! Parents want their children to grow up confident in themselves and in their own ability to make good things happen. A quality early childhood education program has the same goals for your child and works in a number of ways to raise your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Rainbow Chimes’ Early Childhood Education Program In Huntington, NY

If you live in the greater Huntington, New York region, we’d like you to know that Rainbow Chimes offers excellent opportunities for your child to learn, discover, and grow in a safe, nurturing early childhood education setting. We offer many different programs to meet your and your child’s needs, including programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-K. We also have all-day kindergarten programs available, along with before- and after-school care and additional enrichment programs.

If you’re looking for a great early childhood education program where your child can thrive and grow in academic skills, socialization, the joy of learning new things, and becoming more confident and independent, get in touch with Rainbow Chimes today! Schedule a tour with us to see all that our center can offer you and your child.