Rainbow Chimes offers high-quality day care to the Huntington area on Long Island. We use the High Scope curriculum, which emphasizes active learning. Children’s own interests and choices are at the heart of High Scope Curriculum, and 40 years of results show that children that go through High Scope curriculum grow up to be successful adults. Thinking ahead to when they are adults is fun, but it’s so important to treasure every moment you have with them when they are young. The time when they are young goes so fast. Before your know it, they’ll be teenagers who naturally gravitate toward peers more than toward family. While they are home this winter holiday be sure to take some time and watch how they learn

According to the work of Jean Piaget, upon whose work High Scope Curriculum is based, there are four stages of learning that children go through. Ages 0-2 are said to be in the sensorimotor stage where the child learns to interact with the world through their senses. Ages 2- 6 or 7 is the preoperational stage wherein the child starts to see and represent their world symbolically. Winter break can give you a chance to interact with your young children during the winter weather. Obviously, this winter has been short on actual winter weather so you can keep these ideas under your hat until the snow arrives. Oh! We’ve run out of time and space in this blog! Be sure to check back for a continuation of this line of thought!

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