The Daycare’s Staff Goal Is To Help Your Child

Every member of the team at a qualified daycare center has the best interest of each child in mind when going about daily tasks. Teachers and caregivers who work directly with the children receive extensive training in early childhood education and child care in order to provide the best services possible and ensure that every child is thriving and being their best.

What Are My Child’s Strengths In The Day-Care Setting?

As a parent, you’ll want to know what your child is doing each day at daycare, what is being learned, and what strengths are surfacing. A daycare setting can help children develop in ways that complement and reinforce the learning that already takes place at home. At daycare, your child may learn about acceptable ways to interact with peers, how to express himself clearly, or how to have fun with learning through developmentally-appropriate classroom education and hands-on activities. The day-care experience creates opportunities for exploring, learning, and growing, ultimately bringing out strengths you may not have seen yet at home. Be sure to ask the staff about the strengths they notice emerging in your child.

What Areas Need Improvement?

Whether we’re 2 or 52, there’s always room for improvement! Your child is just starting to interact with the world, so it’s natural that there is a tremendous amount to learn in everything from developing friendships with other children, to understanding the cause-and-effect nature of one’s actions.

Your child’s daycare staff regularly works with children of all abilities who exhibit a wide range of behaviors. If there’s an area where your child needs improvement, find out, and ask for suggestions on how to help your child at home. By working as partners, parents and daycare staff can help a child overcome any challenge, in the process helping to build a child’s sense of self.

How Does This Facility Keep My Child Safe?

This is a very important question, and one you’ll want to ask well before enrolling your child in any daycare or early childhood education program. At Rainbow Chimes in Huntington, NY, we take proactive measures to ensure the safety of every child in our care.

Our staff is CPR-certified for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We manage an on-site commercial kitchen led by our award-winning executive chef who maintains superior levels of food safety and makes sure each child is served balanced, nutritional meals and snacks. Every member of our staff pays meticulous attention to cleanliness in our facility, and of course, we take utmost care every moment of each day to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. What’s more, we’ve run background checks on our entire staff. Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to Rainbow Chimes.

How Are You Fostering A Love Of Learning In My Child?

Research shows that the first several years of a child’s life are crucial, setting the tone for a lifelong journey of learning. With this in mind, at Rainbow Chimes we do everything in our power to create learning experiences that feel like playtime. Age-appropriate lessons are given regularly in key areas of learning and growth. Each child learns at her or his own pace, and learning is kept fun to make sure it becomes an enjoyable, life-long pursuit. From active play in one of our age-appropriate playgrounds, to the freedom to explore the world around them in a secure, nurturing classroom setting, your child has many opportunities to learn and grow.

Daycare At Rainbow Chimes In Huntington

Whether you’re looking for compassionate infant day care or an enriching daycare program for your toddler, Rainbow Chimes in Huntington, NY, provides the high level of quality you want for your child. In addition, we offer preschool and kindergarten classes, as well as summer camp and unique enrichment opportunities. Take a tour today to see what we’re all about!