a1As your child grows, you will come to cherish the little craft items they made through their younger days even more than you do now, if you can imagine that. The little crafts that bear their tiny handprints and footprints become time capsules that you will stop and pause and ponder over as time goes by. But there is more to creativity than making a planned-out project. An artist knows their materials and has to experiment with them!

Here are two ways to let your young artist play while developing their creativity.

Shaving Cream Play

  • This is a classic one! Find a nonporous surface such as a wooden table or plastic mini picnic table and make sure the child is in play clothes or a smock that you don’t mind popping in the wash after the activity.
  • Get some mild, scent-free shaving cream and give them a big pile of it in the center of their play area.
  • Encourage them to make circles, faces, and letters if they know them.

Sponges and Paint

  • Again, make sure the child in clothes you don’t mind getting messy.
  • Give them a sheet of paper (and have more handy for when they fill it up),  some non-toxic, washable paints, and some sponges.
  • You can cut the sponges into fun shapes beforehand, if you like.
  • Make a palette of colors for the child on a plastic surface (a plastic plate or lid to a food storage bin works well)
  • Encourage them to mix colors and talk about how, for instance, blue and red mix to make purple.

This is Highscope Curriculum in Action!

When we sit down to the craft table and start an art project, we do so with learning objectives in mind. The Highscope curriculum is about exploring the world with all five senses, asking questions and guiding children to formulate possible answers, testing them, and allowing children to come to conclusions themselves through the use of critical thinking. When it comes to artistic expression, there is no better way to tap into creativity than to let a child learn about the materials.

To learn more about this great curriculum that we use here at Rainbow Chimes, call us and schedule a tour of our facility.