Rainbow Chimes regularly gets high marks from our parents. Since 1981, we’ve been providing high-quality day care for the children of the Huntingdon area. We offer daycare that is education-focused and this education is centered on the research-based High Scope curriculum that has been delivering great results since the 1960’s.


  • We have a five-star chef on staff who cooks fresh meals for the children every day.
  • We provide breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack to the children.
  • We have the children do educational lessons about food and nutrition to teach them about good eating habits.
  • We have a rotating menu that conforms to CACFP nutritional guidelines.
  • All menu plans are reviewed by a Registered Nutrition
  • Freshly cooked food that the kids love!
  • Our staff eats their lunch with the children to help them and act as role models.


  • Our teachers will give your daily feedback about your child.
  • For infants, we offer our care is carefully documented and accessible to parents via the internet.
  • We use a program called LifeCubby. This is a secure desktop and mobile app for parents to keep track of their child while at work.
  • We also capture unique moments in your child’s day and will share them with the parents via the app.
  • Daily face-to-face tag-ups wit a teacher and can arrange meetings for longer discussions about your child.
  • During these tag-ups, you can tell us how they slept, how they are feeling etc.
  • We have regularly scheduled conferences to go over goals, successes and challenges of your child.