Rainbow Chimes Early Education and Care Center offers high-quality education oriented child care and infant day care. We use the High Scope Curriculum that emphasizes active learning. One aspect of active learning that is often overlooked, or underappreciated, is playing. We believe that play can be an amazing way for children to learn and explore their world.

Playing forces a child to think actively instead of passively receiving knowledge. Whether it is playing cops and robbers, bank, or school, children are role playing and actively creating a make-believe world. This is a more complex thought process than you might at first imagine. They are constructing knowledge as they play. This type of play also construct emotional knowledge because they are playing with other children and learn, sometimes through making mistakes, the consequences of their actions.

Constructive play, with things like play-dough or blocks constructs knowledge on several levels. They learn balance, spacial reasoning, cause and effect, composition, all while developing manual dexterity and often times learning to cooperate with classmates. Playing with materials that give predictable results, such as block always falling over when they are unstable, gives a child emotional stability because they can predict what will happen.

Playing outdoors is also an important type of play for children (and adults). Playing outdoors fosters a love of nature and an understanding of nature and the cycle of the season and of life itself. They are stimulated in all their senses and can learn the calming effect of nature.

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