After the last couple of years of dramatic politics, this is a good time to remind kids of some of the basic values that we as a community hold dear. There are plenty of opportunities in the coming months to point out to them the qualities that make a good person and a good citizen of our country. Here at Rainbow Chimes Day Care & Early Education center, we use the High Scope Curriculum, and this has many positive values that we’d like to highlight in this week’s blog.

Keep Trying

The value of perseverance can be taught every New Year’s Day, as we resolve to do better this year in an area of our choosing. Of course, many children are too young to understand the abstraction of perseverance, but we can support them in their efforts to conquer new skills and to learn from their interpersonal mistakes and to always try again.

The Value of Every Individual

Martin Luther King Day is a great opportunity for us to highlight the inherent value of every individual. You can start off with broad brush ideas that all people are created equal and that all people have worth. You can progress, as a child ages, to teaching them about the ongoing civil rights struggle that has defined much of American History. We teach this every day on our classrooms at Rainbow Chimes when we treat every child fairly.

Presidents’ Day

In this country, we pride ourselves on the peaceful transfer of power that occurs every four to eight years. We don’t always agree with the incoming president, but we respect the office of the presidency and the democratic process. You can see this in our classrooms when teachers model non-violent problem-solving solutions with children, teaching them to share toys and to settle their differences with words, not hands.

The Power of Love

The Rainbow itself is a symbol of love and we can express our love for people in our lives at Valentine’s Day. We can talk about love and how love can transform people and countries. We show our students every day that love and kindness should be a foundational value in every life.

When you are looking for a daycare for your infant or child, be sure to call and schedule a visit with Rainbow Chimes in Huntington. We believe in teaching children about positive values that will help them be great adults some day.